Exploring the Conditions for Community

PODCAST Week One - What is a Community of Practice?

  • Episode One - Conditions for Community
    • In this first episode, Susie introduces the concept of what community means in the Social Age, the value it brings, and invites you to consider your own communities.
  • Episode Two - Growing Communities
    • In this second episode, Susie explores the strength of communities and the conflict that exists between formal and social systems and to consider cultivation of social ties and our key connectors(nodes). 
  • Episode Three - Purpose of Communities
    • In this third episode, Susie explores the purpose of communities, why we might start one and how we might find the right one.

PODCAST Week Two - Where does Community Live?

  • Episode Four - Conversations versus Space
    • In this fourth episode, Julian presents the difference between space and conversation, exploring the disloyal nature of conversations, and how they ebb and flow through different spaces.
  • Episode Five - Technology
    • In the 5th episode of the series, Julian explores the place that technology has in social communities.
  • Episode Six - Consensus and Dissent
    • In this episode, Julian invites you to consider how consensus and dissent impact on communities, and offers up some ideas on how to accommodate both.

PODCAST Week Three - Tribes and Trust

  • Episode Seven - Social Capital
    • In the 7th episode, Julian explores Social Capital - the ability to survive and thrive in the Social Age, to navigate the landscape, and to help others to do so to0.
  • Episode Eight- The Landscape of Trust
    • The ways that trust is experienced between individual and organisation forms a complex landscape, in this next episode Julian explores the Landscape of Trust.
  • Episode Nine- Joining Tribes
    • What are tribes? Trust bonded networks most tightly structured around charismatic, individual power, with some emergent social hierarchy. Julian explores the roles of tribes and how we join and form them.

PODCAST Week Four - Storytelling

  • Episode Ten - Storytelling
    • In this episode, Julian presents an overview of storytelling, and how it applies to social communities.
  • Episode Eleven - Stories of unity and dissent
    • The second episode in Week 4 concentrates on how different types of stories, especially those of unity and dissent, can be used to build authentic bonds of trust in social communities.
  • Episode Twelve - Stories of change
    • In the third Storytelling episode, Julian focusses on stories of change: what these are, and how they are applied at three levels: personal, shared and organisational.

PODCAST Week Five - Interconnecting Communities

  • Episode Thirteen - Interconnecting Communities
    • In this episode, Julian presents an overview of interconnecting communities, and how it applies to social communities.
  • Episode Fourten - Rituals of engagement
    • This episode expands on rituals within social communities, how to recognise them and how they are formed.
  • Episode Fifteen - The Grammar of Culture
    • In this episode, Julian asks us to consider the importance of the grammar of culture.

PODCAST Week Six - Reward

  • Episode Sixteen - Reward and Recognistion
    • In this episode, Julian asks us to think about rewards and the kind of recognition that goes with it in social communities.
  • Episode Seventeen - Social Recognistion and Reward
    • In this episode Julian considers different forms of recognistion and reward, and how they can be applied in social communities and organiations.
  • Episode Eighteen - The Role of Respect
    • In the final episode of this series, Julian highlights the challeges and opportunites of engaging with respect in social communities.

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