Research Methodology

Research Powered by Your Voice

This project is designed to incorporate as broad a cross section of citizens of the North West as possible and we have reached out to different sectors.

We want to hear as many voices as we can and will continue to collect data through this site for the whole 12 weeks of the project. We will analyse 100 of the narratives that arrive within the first two weeks of the project. The 100 narratives will be used to shape a series of community building activities.  

We will carry out 8 face to face interviews to add another dimension to the research, again, using a broad cross section.

We understand that we will not be able to reach everybody with this approach, and this is where you come in.

Please share and spread the word that this project is happening, and encourage as many of your peers as possible to take part. If you have not heard about this through your formal channels...then good!

If you have heard about it anyway then it shows the power of the community! 

This survey will ask you about how you might already be using communities to sense make your everyday reality, and how you use social collaborative technology to do so, or even if you do.

We want to know what is important to you, and the enablers and barriers to harnessing the wisdom of those around you.

We seek to create the conditions for community to enable cross sector and professional working, helping us all to be better, together.

Your honest answers in this work are gratefully appreciated.

If you would like to tell your story more freely then please get in touch and let us know your thoughts, struggles, hopes and aspirations for connecting in the Social Age.  We seek to hear the quiet voices, and use diagonal storytelling to create a story that is co-owned.  

We will co-create with you a chronicle of the social age each week, for five weeks. You can get started now, tell us your story and we will collate them and produce a weekly, electronic newspaper.

Stories don’t even have to be words, you can submit drawings, photos, puzzles, quizzes, even cartoon strips! Whatever helps you express your authentic you.

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