Hold open spaces

Facebook was highlighted in the survey results as the most commonly used online platform so we have created a space for you to share, create and communicate about your experience with communities. Whilst this group is a community of sorts, it is not the aim of this project to impose a new community or Facebook … Continue reading Hold open spaces


Phase One Review

Phase one has been an exploration of the current foundations of community: the technology, the existing spaces, the desire.  We have used a range of tools to engage the audience and encourage participation: • Online Diagnostic Survey • Website • Regular Blog • In-Depth Interviews • Active social presence from all partners Survey Results – … Continue reading Phase One Review


Diagonal Storytelling

Organisations can tend to be good at vertical stories (usually cascaded down within the formal system), and horizontal stories (often tacit, tribal, flowing out through closed trust networks), but lack really structured and integrated opportunities for diagonal dialogue. This is about cutting through the hierarchy, to create new storytelling, co-creative, and story listening, spaces and opportunities, all of … Continue reading Diagonal Storytelling


Spaces, Places and Community

We must consider what it takes to make a community and it got us thinking….  A place may be a space, but it’s not always a community. A community may be a place, but doesn’t have to occupy a particular space. A space may lack community and therefore fail to be a place at all. Nowadays Organisations are obsessed with … Continue reading Spaces, Places and Community


Storytelling in Communities

When we share stories, we contextualise information, relating it to that which we already know. Stories draw on icons and frames of reference that are highly culturally specific and efficiently share meaning. We use them as part of our sense making activities within communities to establish areas of commonality and reduce risk. We curate our … Continue reading Storytelling in Communities


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