A Partnership to Enable Connectivity

The NHS North West Leadership Academy works with members to develop leaders in the North West to be the best they can be, ensuring they create the environment and the culture to improve population health and wellbeing, enabling the delivery of caring, compassionate, safe, effective, high quality services for our patients and local populations.

We, like many, are striving towards improving the health and wellbeing of our citizens. We believe that to meet the ambitions of our population and contribute to a progressive and healthy society we have to work together in new ways, have different conversations and importantly, have difference in the conversation. By working together we have a greater chance of creating sustainable change then we ever would from our individual vantage points alone.

We know that so many of you are already connecting in new ways or are interested in doing so to benefit the places in which you live and work. We are interested to hear your stories, learn from you and understand the conditions that enable you to connect, collaborate, co-create – however you think about working together –  both within and across traditional organisational boundaries. 

In this way, people are starting to create, develop and participate in a variety of different kinds of  communities. We hope this work will make your experiences visible so we can contribute to creating the conditions for communities to emerge, evolve, and continue to exist for as long as they are needed.

The idea is simple - creating the conditions for people to come together, to sense make and to create new knowledge has the potential to make a difference for our citizens.

 This project builds upon observations, feedback and ideas generated from the people we have worked with across the North West:

 - We have seen a move away from formal structures towards self-organisation that responds to where the energy naturally exists in the system.

 - A continued and widespread request for ‘space’ to come together to discuss issues pertinent to where we live and work. An open, informal space to connect with others inside and outside of professional groups and organisations to discuss and learn more about our lived experiences of working and living in the North West.

- Current thinking on the system leadership practices required to work with the type of problems faced by today’s society (NHS NWLA Review of System Leadership Behaviours, 2017) and the emergence of informal opportunities to connect across traditional boundaries. 

Sea Salt Learning have partnered with NHS NWLA, with support from North West Employers to accompany them on this exciting journey, to create the conditions for community to thrive, based on the requirements as identified by the community itself.

We operate across Leadership, Learning, Culture, Technology and Organisational Change.  We carry out original research and share unique thinking published by our Founder Julian Stodd, a pioneering voice on Social Age thinking.

Julian Stodd
Captain and Founder. Author of The Social Leadership Handbook and Exploring the World of Social Learning. Leading the Social Age movement.   Julian founded Sea Salt Learning as the vehicle to develop ideas into practice: a global consultancy, operating cross sector, delivering programmes at scale.

We don’t tell organisations the answer but work in collaborative mode, co-creating solutions with clients.

At Sea Salt Learning, we acknowledge that we live in the Social Age, a fundamentally evolved ecosystem: transformed by Social Collaborative Technology.  We believe that learning through storytelling develops trust, creates shared values through shared experience, encourages innovation and understanding across professional groups.

We identify 16 principles for developing communities, and this project is based upon them.

 North West Employers are a not for profit organisation that exists to help organisations deliver better outcomes with and for local people. All 41 local authorities in the North West, together with many of the fire and rescue services, police and crime commissioners’ offices and joint boards, are members.

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