Phase One Review

Phase one has been an exploration of the current foundations of community: the technology, the existing spaces, the desire.  We have used a range of tools to engage the audience and encourage participation:

• Online Diagnostic Survey

• Website

• Regular Blog

• In-Depth Interviews

• Active social presence from all partners

Survey Results - Key Demographics

75% of respondents were female, over 35 and working at middle/top management.  A vast majority (73%) of responses were from within the NHS with a good spread across the North West.

Survey Results - Communication Channels

Email remains the most utilised communication channel both in and out of work. Instant Messaging is catching up although its use at work remains underutilised.


Over 90% of respondants agreed that Face to Face time was very important when building relationships and when building a community.

Survey Results - Devices

At Home - Smartphones (IPhone, Android and other) is the most frequently used platform at Home.

At Work - Desktop (PC primarily) is the most common platform for work use, and features highly where people identified using devices for both work and home.


Survey Results - Spaces

Two thirds of those asked use leading social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).  One third of people asked have used these three platforms to collaborate previously.


Survey Results - Confidence and Skill

Only one-third of those asked felt confident to use online collaboration tools.  Of those who didn't feel confident 3 main factors were identified:  Time, Organisational Rules and Skill.  


We asked people to rate the importance of each of the following: (displayed in order of importance)


Interview Feedback Snapshot

As part of phase one we carried out 4 in-depth interviews.  The narrative attached to the interviews will be analysed towards the end of phase two once we have been able to carry out further sessions.  Here is a snapshot of the themes we have encountered so far:


Recommendations to Inform Phase 2

Based on the initial survey results and interviews the following recommendations were made for the next phase of the project:

• all engagements should be optimised both mobile and desktop platforms. Content design should be ‘mobile-first’.

• using popular platforms that more people are familiar with will impact on levels of engagement, while meeting data protection requirements.


• we need your help to reach beyond the NHS 

• we will continue to collect face to face interviews in phase 2

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