Storytelling in Communities

When we share stories, we contextualise information, relating it to that which we already know. Stories draw on icons and frames of reference that are highly culturally specific and efficiently share meaning. We use them as part of our sense making activities within communities to establish areas of commonality and reduce risk. We curate our stories choosing our stance and tone of voice, making them relevant for the audience. When we get it right, it builds our reputation in social spaces and communities, and in the social age, this reputation is the foundation of social authority, authority granted by the community.

Stories evolve as we tell and retell them…instead of sharing a story once, we can look to vary the angle and tell it again…from your perspective, from a third person perspective, from a citizen perspective. The change of perspective can help us interrogate and refine the narrative itself.

The approach of taking different view points can help us uncover the meaning.In change, we use three levels of narrative….personal stories of learning, co-created group narratives of permission and intent and finally organisational stories of change.

You have to lead with the co-created stories, empower people through the personal stories and write the organisational story like a reporter, looking through all the other narratives. If you lead with the organisational story, it’s aspirational. This is what we are seeking to achieve with this project.

Stories that are authentic and believed (or owned) by the community are the most effective.

Whilst we are building this community, we will produce a chronicle of the social age each week, for five weeks.

Stories don’t have to be written, you can submit drawings, photos, puzzles, quizzes, even cartoon strips! We will upload them to this website and the community itself can decide how to distribute them in hard copy, if they so wish.

You can start contributing now.....

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